Title: Discovery, Geological Context and Challenges of Dating a New Hominin, Homo naledi, from South Africa Series: Royal Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2017 Overview: Dr. Eric Roberts, Associate Professor and Head of Geosciences, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, presents an overview of the discovery of the Homo naledi site. He discusses his team’s efforts and progress over the last two years at dating the fossils and refining our understanding of this important new hominin locality.

Trace fossils were once considered second rank fossils and many are still overlooked by aficionados while searching in the field for past life fossilized (body fossil) remains. This has gradually changed, especially with the help of beautiful outcrops of dinosaur footprints. These, as all other trace fossils, have the characteristic of having been produced by alive organisms as part of their daily activities: walking, eating, reproducing, hiding, etc. In this sense, they are complementary of body fossils because

Podcast | Dr. Nesbitt on The Evolution of Vertebrates

In the Series People Behind the Science Podcast meet Dr. Sterling Nesbitt, an Assistant Professor of Geosciences at Virginia Tech, and a  research associate/affiliate of the American Museum of Natural History, the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab at The University of Texas at Austin, the Virginia Museum of Natural History, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the National Museum of Natural History. Dr. Nesbitt is featured in this 55’09” podcast entitled “Finding Fossils