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Building a complete, global and updated web of paleontological resources is not an easy task, particularly when all work is pro bono. Consequently, we rely heavily on our reader's contributions.
And to contribute is really easy: if you come across any information you think might be useful to publicize in Paleowire, just use the form below or any of the forms scattered throughout our web page, to drop us a link and/or a few words describing the suggestion. We ask for information such as the following, and other of potential interest:
  1. Recent research
  2. Recent projects
  3. Job opportunities
  4. Training opportunities
  5. Prizes, scholarships, internships
  6. Funding opportunities
  7. Sources and resources
  8. ...
We also ask for suggestions on paleontologists, on work groups, on laboratories, and on projects to be featured monthly in Paleowire. And please, do not hesitate to suggest you, your paper, your research group, your laboratory, your project. We want to get to know each other, to make information flow easier and to strengthen and deepen relationships within the paleontological community, as a whole, worldwide.
Thank you for contributing!


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