Crowdfunding | Help to hatch a baby dinosaur!

Nottingham Lakeside Arts wants to hatch a baby dinosaur with your help. In short, they are trying to create an animatronic feathered dinosaur to teach children how dinosaurs evolved into birds but lack the necessary funds. £4000 is the minimum amount needed to achieve the goal of hatching this baby and to raise it, a crowdfunding campaign was set in march.

Illustration of what the dinosaur might look like

Until the 10th of April 2017, you may support this project with a simple donation or by claiming one of the available rewards. For £10, for example, your name will be put up on our Dino Wall of Fame on the Dinosaurs of China webpage. For £20, you can enjoy an exclusive lunchtime lecture at Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre with expert paleontologists telling the story of the Chinese dinosaurs on display at the “Dinosaurs of China” exhibit. For £200, you get a Dino birthday party with Diana Saurus for your child and 9 friends.

Read more about this initiative on the crowdfunding page, by clicking here. Any queries should be directed to this email address:

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Crowdfunding Presentation:

“In summer 2017, a world-exclusive exhibition of dinosaurs is coming to Nottingham. The exhibition, which is called ‘Dinosaurs of China’ will see some of the most ferocious Jurassic super-predators setting foot in the city.

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This unmissable event features feathered dinosaurs from China,  which have never before been seen outside of Asia. It tells the story of how dinosaurs evolved into birds, and features specimens both large and small, of some of the most important and fascinating dinosaurs ever discovered, such as the Gigantoraptor, the biggest bird like dinosaur ever found.

The main exhibition, will be at the magnificent  Wollaton Hall, a spectacular Elizabethan mansion in Nottingham, which you may know better as Wayne Manor from the Batman, ‘Dark Knight Rises’ movie, where you will be able to see almost 30 unique specimens, including the Mamenchisaurus, a dinosaur which weighed over 50 tons and was almost 35 metres long!

However, in addition to the main exhibition there will also be a smaller, FREE exhibition at The University of Nottingham’s Lakeside Arts centre, and this is where we need your help!

At Nottingham Lakeside Arts, we want to capitalise on this unique opportunity in order to create a dinosaur legacy for local children and families. Our outreach officer, (Diana-saurus in the video!) often runs workshops at Lakeside and also visits schools, to teach children about subjects based on exhibitions and events at Lakeside.

We want to make the most of our Dinosaurs of China exhibition at Lakeside, by commissioning a very special, unique animatronic feathered baby dinosaur. The animatronic puppet, will help us to bring dinosaurs to life for children visiting Lakeside, long after the exhibition has come and gone.”

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