Insects and Catfishes | New Species Reported this week

Dorsal view of the left neurocranium and nuchal plates of Qarmoutus hitanensis (El-Sayed et al., 2017).

The week that just ended was particularly poor in descriptions of new species. The new species reported come from Egypt and China, are only two: a vertebrate (new genera and new species of catfish) and an invertebrate (new species of an insect).

Full account of fossil species reported this week:

  1. Qarmoutus hitanensis, gen. et sp. nov., a new marine catfish (Siluriformes; Ariidae) from the upper Eocene Birket Qarun Formation, Wadi El-Hitan, Egypt, was reported in PLOS one (1st March 2017). Click for the full-text of this article.
  2. Vitimoilus ovatus sp. nov., a Lower Cretaceous species of Cyrtophyllitinae (Insecta: Ensifera) from the Dabeigou Formation and Yixian Formation, China, was reported in Cretaceous Research (4th March 2017). Click for the web page of this article.

Image credit: El-Sayed et al., 2017 (click for source)

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