Job | Manager and Curator for the Kronosaurus Korner

  • Position: Interpretation Manager and Curator
  • Employer: Kronosaurus Korner
  • Qualifications: Degree in Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Palaeontology or Geology from a recognised tertiary institution, or equivalent academic qualifications
  • Location: Richmond, Queensland, Australia
  • Application Deadline: the position is available until 24th May 2017
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Offer full description:


This position is based at picturesque Richmond, situated 500 km West of Townsville on the banks of the Flinders River. The Shire of Richmond is approximately 26,000 square km in the heart of Queensland. The town’s major attraction is Kronosaurus Korner, Australia’s premier marine fossil museum. It showcases nearly 1,150 unique fossil specimens from Richmond, Outback Queensland. Fossils in the museums collection include the 100-115 million year old remains of extinct marine reptiles, fishes, pterosaurs, birds, ammonites and squids that once dominated Australia’s ancient inland sea.

PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: The Interpretation Manager and Curator actively undertakes the collection, preparation, interpretation and display of local fossils in order to improve the ability of the centre to attract visitors. They will also provide a high standard scientific information to the public through cooperation with the Queensland Museum and other tertiary education bodies to produce material for display. This will involve working closely with the museum’s Board of Directors and other agencies to secure the long–term sustainability of the centre through promotions, public activities and applications to granting bodies.

THE PERSON: Applicants will be assessed on communication, displays personal drive andintegrity in achieving outcomes for the position, supports strategic direction and supportsproductive working relationships.

Essential qualifications include, Degree in Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Palaeontology or Geology from a recognised tertiary institution, or equivalent academic qualifications.

To apply please send a cover letter, CV (with 3 references) and an answer to each of the selection criteria given below.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Answers must include a 200 word response to each of the following selection criteria. Preferably use the STAR method, giving examples of your previous work:

1. Expert knowledge of the (vertebrate or invertebrate) palaeontology and geology.

2. Involvement in managing a palaeontological collection and developing interpretive displays based on the collections material.

3. Professionally trained in the collection, preparation and conservation of fossils under field and laboratory conditions.

4. Experience directing volunteer staff.

5. Literate and fluent in both written and verbal English (preferably with experience in any of the following: writing media releases, giving TV/radio interviews and guiding tour groups).

THE REMUNERATION: Will be based on skill, knowledge and experience over a two year contract agreed between the Kronosaurus Korner Board Inc. and the successful applicant.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Please contact Jodie Fox (General Manager) on 07 47 413 429 or

CLOSING DATE: Wednesday 24th May 2017 at 5.00pm”

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