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Codazziceras ospinae (Karsten, 1858) from the Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) of Colombia


Pedro Patarroyo, Peter Bengtson


The ammonite Codazziceras ospinae (Karsten, 1858) is described from sections in the Upper Magdalena Valley and San Francisco, south and north-west of Bogotá, Colombia. Its co-occurrence with species of Hoplitoides von Koenen, 1898, and Coilopoceras Hyatt, 1903, places it stratigraphically in the lower to middle Turonian, in contrast to previous assignments to the upper Turonian to lower Coniacian. Three specimens come from the lower part of the Loma Gorda Formation (Turonian–Coniacian) and one specimen from the middle part of the La Frontera Formation (lower–middle Turonian).

The type species of the genus Codazziceras Etayo-Serna, 1979, is Lyelliceras scheibei Riedel, 1938, which is a junior synonym of Ammonites Ospinae Karsten, 1858. If a new type species is to be selected, Codazziceras ospinae will be the obvious choice.



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