Just out | Famennian (Upper Devonian) conodont zonation: revised global standard @ Bulletin of Geosciences

Just out @ Bulletin of Geosciences

Famennian (Upper Devonian) conodont zonation: revised global standard


Spalletta C, Perri MC, Over DJ, Corradini C


The revision of the Famennian part of the “Late Devonian Standard Conodont Zonation” is based on the in-equivalence between biozones and time, and the rejection of the presumed single phyletic concept on which the previous zonation was based. It is also intended to simplify the zonation, eliminating the zonal groups named after only one taxon, and biozones that are defined by a Last Appearance Datum (LAD). The proposed revision is largely based on the zonation proposed by Ziegler and Sandberg (1990) and is for the most part correlatable using the same zonal markers. Modifications have only been made when strictly necessary, as the aim of the proposal is to maintain the stability of over 50 years of studies. The 22 zones constituting the revised zonation are defined by the First Appearance Datum (FAD) of species or subspecies that have a well-established stratigraphic range and wide geographic distribution. Each zone is named after the taxon for which the FAD defines the lower boundary. For each zone an association of other species useful for its identification is listed.

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