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Halkieriid-like animals in the Late Ordovician?


Dawid Mazurek


The recent description of the Tremadocian halkieriid-like stem aculiferan, Calvapilosa kroegeri, could shed new light on some enigmatic Ordovician fossils known only by their disarticulated plates. Specifically, Conchopeltis alternata could be interpreted as a plate of sclerite-bearing stem aculiferan. Comparison is based on a similarity of conchs and reinterpretation of Conchopeltis tentacles as sclerites. This is a highly speculative idea, nevertheless, I think it may have some merit and ignite a discussion, but a reevaluation of Conchopeltis and some shelly taxa, like Scenella, is required.



Lurdes Fonseca

Assistant Professor and Researcher at University of Lisbon
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