Just out | Latest on Echinodermata (dedicated issue) @ Journal of Paleontology

Just out @ Journal of Paleontology

Latest on Echinodermata (dedicated issue)

List of articles:

  1. Progress in echinoderm paleobiology
    Samuel ZamoraImran A. Rahman
  2. Christopher R. C. Paul
  3. New insights concerning homology of the oral region and ambulacral system plating of pentaradial echinoderms
    Colin D. Sumrall
  4. The role of preservation on the quantification of morphology and patterns of disparity within Paleozoic echinoderms
    Bradley DelineJames R. Thomka
  5. Comparative drilling predation on time-averaged phosphatized and nonphosphatized assemblages of the minute clypeasteroid echinoid Echinocyamus stellatus from Miocene offshore sediments (Globigerina Limestone Formation, Malta)
    Tobias B. GrunAndreas KrohJames H. Nebelsick
  6. Echinoderm ichnology: bioturbation, bioerosion and related processes
    Zain BelaústeguiFernando MuñizJames H. NebelsickRosa DomènechJordi Martinell
  7. A new model of respiration in blastoid (Echinodermata) hydrospires based on computational fluid dynamic simulations of virtual 3D models
    Johnny A. WatersLyndsie E. WhiteColin D. SumrallBonnie K. Nguyen
  8. Elise NardinBertrand LefebvreOldřich FatkaMartina NohejlováLibor KašičkaMiroslav ŠináglMichal Szabad
  9. Morphological disparity and systematic revision of the eocrinoid genus Rhopalocystis(Echinodermata, Blastozoa) from the Lower Ordovician of the central Anti-Atlas (Morocco)
    Ninon AllaireBertrand LefebvreElise NardinEmmanuel L.O. MartinRomain VaucherGilles Escarguel
  10. Selina R. ColeWilliam I. AusichJorge ColmenarSamuel Zamora
  11. The first Ordovician cyclocystoid (Echinodermata) from Gondwana and its morphology, paleoecology, taphonomy, and paleogeography
    Mike ReichJames SprinkleBertrand LefebvreGertrud E. RössnerSamuel Zamora
  12. Generic revision of the Holocystitidae of North America (Diploporita, Echinodermata) based on universal elemental homology
    Sarah L. SheffieldColin D. Sumrall
  13. Jeffrey R. ThompsonElizabeth PetsiosDavid J. Bottjer
  14. Brittle stars from the British Oxford Clay: unexpected ophiuroid diversity on Jurassic sublittoral mud bottoms
    Timothy A.M. EwinBen Thuy
  15. David F. Wright
  16. Phylogeny and morphologic evolution of the Ordovician Camerata (Class Crinoidea, Phylum Echinodermata)
    Selina R. Cole
  17. Phylogenetic taxonomy and classification of the Crinoidea (Echinodermata)
    David F. WrightWilliam I. AusichSelina R. ColeMark E. PeterElizabeth C. Rhenberg
  18. Hydrospire morphology and implications for blastoid phylogeny
    Jennifer E. BauerColin D. SumrallJohnny A. Waters

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