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Just out @ Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation

New data on microbiota of the Middle Volgian substage in the Loino Section (Kirov oblast)


M. A. Ustinova, E. M. Tesakova


The calcareous nannoplankton was established for the first time in Upper Volgian deposits of the Loino Section (Kirov oblast). Here, single coccolites of representatives of genus Watznaueria of wide stratigraphic and geographic distributions dominate. Representatives of genus Zuegrhabdotus are less common, whereas species of genus Polypodorhabdus are rare. The taxonomic composition of the calcareous nannoplankton assemblage does not allow us to distinguish the nannoplankton zone in the Loino Section, but it gives us an idea about its distribution at the Volgian Stage in the Russian Plate. As corresponding microfauna, foraminifers, assigned to the Lenticulina infravolgaensis–Saracenaria pravoslavlevi Zone, and ostracods were identified to substantiate the age of host deposits. The ostracod assemblage is assigned to the Macrodentina (Polydentina) subtriangularis Beds established on the Volga River left bank in deposits corresponding to the ammonite zones Panderi and Virgatus assigned to the middle Volgian substage. On the basis of ostracods, the warm-water well-aerating environment of the upper sublittoral (as deep as 50 m) was reconstructed.

Keywords: calcareous nannoplankton, foraminifers, ostracods, Volgian Stage, Loino Section, Kirov oblast

DOI: 10.1134/S086959381702006X

READ IT HERE: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1134/S086959381702006X

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