Just out | New fossil helorid wasps (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea) from the Early Cretaceous of China @ Alcheringa

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Two new genera with two new species, Bellohelorus fortis and Novhelorus macilentus, and one new species, Protocyrtus parilis, within an established genus are described. Laiyanghelorus erymnus is re-described based on well-preserved specimens from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation at Huangbanjigou Village, Beipiao City, Western Liaoning Province, China. Three taxonomic changes are proposed: Liaoropronia Zhang & Zhang is transferred from Roproniidae to Heloridae, and Novhelorus saltatrix (Shi, Zhao, Shih & Ren) and Spherogaster beipiaoensis (Shi, Zhao, Shih & Ren) are recombined. In addition, Gurvanhelorus mongolicus Rasnitsyn is tentatively considered a synonym of Protocyrtus validus Zhang & Zhang. A key to all genera of Heloridae is provided. All described helorid fossils with their distribution and geological age are summarized. Key forewing characters are compared for all fossil species to show the interspecific venational differences, which highlight a high level of genus-level diversity among Mesozoic helorids.

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Lurdes Fonseca

Assistant Professor and Researcher at University of Lisbon
Sociologist (PhD), Paleontologist (Researcher in Micropaleontology), Majors in Sociology and Biology, Minor in Geology. Main interests in Paleontology: Microfossils, Molecular fossils, Paleobiology and Paleoecology. (read more about me)
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