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New insights on Cricetodontini (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the Duero Basin, Spain


Arvidas Castillo, Paloma López-Guerrero & María Ángeles Álvarez-Sierra


The tribe Cricetodontini is a common cricetid group found in several European basins from the Miocene. Here we present a study of the fossils of this group found in the Duero Basin. We updated the biostratigraphical assignation of some of the localities in which several species of Cricetodontini have been found. Cricetodontini remains from eight localities from the central sector of the Duero Basin have been described, measured and assigned to a species. The presence in these localities of Hispanomys aguirrei, H. lavocati, H. nombrevillae and H. aragonensis has allowed correlating them to the biostratigraphic scale built for the Miocene in Calatayud-Daroca Basin, identifying biozones G3, H and I (MN7/8 – MN10, Late Aragonian – Early Vallesian, Middle – Late Miocene). Furthermore, this study constitutes the first citation of this species in this basin, except H. aguirrei, previously described in the Duero Basin. After this work, the biostratigraphical assignation of the studied sites is now well known. We evidenced the resemblance of Duero and Calatayud-Daroca basins.

Keywords: CricetodontiniHispanomysDuerobiostratigraphyAragonianVallesian

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