Just out | New Middle Triassic radiolarian species from the Monte Facito Formation (Lagonegro succession, Southern Apennines, Italy) @ Revue de Micropaléontologie

Just out @ Revue de Micropaléontologie


Rich and well preserved radiolarian assemblages from the Middle Triassic radiolarian cherts of the Monte Facito Formation, Lagonegro succession (Southern Apennines, Italy), contain new Late Anisian taxa. These radiolarian cherts represent the oldest deep-water sediments of the Lagonegro Basin, representing pelagic conditions since the Late Anisian. Six new species are here described: Tiborella tribullata, Baratuna lucana, Hozmadia lagonegroensis, Hozmadia (?) simplex, Bulbocyrtium multiporatum, Planispinocyrtis curta.

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