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New Prionoglarididae from Burmese amber (Psocodea: Trogiomorpha: Prionoglaridetae)


Dany Azar, Diying Huang, Layla El-Hajj, Chenyang Cai, André Nel, Sibelle Maksoud


One new genus with three new species of the family Prionoglarididae, Palaeosiamoglaris leinhardi Azar, Huang et Nel gen. et sp. nov.; P. burmica Azar, Huang et Nel sp. nov. and P. inexpectata Azar, Huang et Nel sp. nov. are characterised, illustrated and described from Cretaceous Burmese amber. Palaeosiamoglaris gen. nov. share several characters with the recent genus Siamoglaris Lienhard, 2004, endemic to the Oriental (Sino-Indian) Region. A new tribe Siamoglaridini Azar, Huang et Nel trib. nov. is established to accommodate the group Siamoglaris + Palaeosiamoglaris; the other Prionoglaridinae being attributed to Prionoglaridini. This discovery implicates a palaeobiogeographic repartition for this particular tribe (Siamoglarini) that is still the same currently. Most diagnostic features show a nearly stasis state, supporting the notion that these characters appeared at least by the early Cenomanian. A checklist of all prionoglaridids is given.



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