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New Vertebrates of the Brochero Formation (Córdoba, Argentina): A Review of the Pliocene of Central Argentina


Laura Edith Cruz, Juan C. Fernicola, Claudio A. Carignano


The “Horizonte Brocherense” sensu Castellanos was created on the basis of a mammal assemblage recovered from the San Alberto Valley and Los Reartes Valley (Córdoba, Argentina). This mammal association was placed in the “Uquian Stage” (early Pliocene) according to the stratigraphic scheme proposed by Castellanos in 1944. Later, different authors considered this association to belong either to the Montehermosan Stage/Age (early Pliocene) or Huayquerian Stage/Age (late Miocene), based on more updated stratigraphic schemes. Here, we present new vertebrates recovered from the type locality (San Alberto or Traslasierra Valley) of the Brochero Formation; we provide the first paleoenvironmental interpretation for this unit, and discuss the age of the fauna and its bearing sediments. As the main result, this work contributes to the knowledge of the Pliocene faunas, providing the first records of some anurans, snakes, and mammals for the Brochero Formation, and the biostratigraphic and chronological implications of such findings when comparing the fossil assemblage with its counterparts from South America.

Keywords: Montehermosan, Chapadmalalan, Uquian, Brocherense, Stage/Age, South America, Pliocene, Córdoba

DOI: 10.1007/s10914-017-9390-0

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Lurdes Fonseca

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