Just out | Paleobiogeographic Remarks of the Devonian Corals and Bryozoans of Brazil @ Anuário do Instituto de Geociências – UFRJ

Just out @ Anuário do Instituto de Geociências – UFRJ

Paleobiogeographic Remarks of the Devonian Corals and Bryozoans of Brazil


Vladimir de Araújo Távora; Jaime Joaquim Dias & Laís Vieira Ramalho


The Devonian corals and bryozoans of Brazil are recorded in the Amazonas and Paraná basins, at Maecuru and Ponta Grossa formations, respectively. In the Maecuru unit occurs two species of corals and eight bryozoans species while at Ponta Grossa sediments only general citations of these taxa are presented. The low specific diversity and populations size are related with the ecologic, phylogenetic and preservational constraints besides insufficient number of specific searches.

Keywords: Corals; Bryozoans; Paleobiogeography; Devonian

DOI: 10.11137/2017_1_226_234

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