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Revision of non-passeriform birds from Polgárdi (Hungary, Upper Miocene): 3. Neoaves


N. V. Zelenkov


A taxonomic revision of Upper Miocene Neoaves from Polgárdi locality is summarized. Rallicrex polgardiensis is transferred to the genus Rallus. The taxonomic position of R. kolozsvarensis is discussed. Porzana estramosi veterior and P. kretzoii are transferred to the genus Zapornia former is ranked as species. It is shown that the material referred to Egretta polgardiensis, Surnia robusta, and Otis kalmani actually belong to the fossil barn owl Tyto campiterrae. The genera Cuculus and Tetrao are identified incorrectly and several other taxa cannot be identified to genus. A fragmentary carpometacarpus originally referred to as Gallinago veterior actually belongs to Glareolidae. A complete list of revised non-passeriform taxa from Polgárdi is provided and the composition of the avifauna is discussed. The absence of taxa shared with approximately contemporaneous avian assemblage from the Hyargas-Nuur 2 locality in eastern Mongolia is evidence that at least two separate zoogeographical units of temperate avifaunas existed in the Late Miocene of Eurasia.



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