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Born in 1978 in Lisbon, Lurdes is an unlikely paleontologist. She majored in Sociology in 2000, concluded a master and a PhD degree also in Sociology in 2003 and 2008, and has diverse postgraduation diplomas in Marketing and Management. In 2012 she returned to college as an undergraduate to major in Biology with a specialization in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology and a minor in Geology (2015). She went on to study Marine Sciences and Applied Microbiology at a postgraduate level (2016). Today she is researching in Micropaleontology in preparation for pursuing a second PhD, this time in Paleontology. Professionally she is (and has been for 17 years) first and foremost an educator and a researcher, currently an Assistant Professor and an Associate Researcher at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lisbon. She is also a consultant in Medical Marketing (following an extensive corporate experience in Marketing Research and Medical Marketing Management), the recipient of several academic awards, and an author.



Lurdes started her Paleontology studies in 2014 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, as an undergraduate Biology and Geology student. She began a specialization in Micropaleontology and Nannofossils in the following year, which included an internship at Nanolab (a laboratory of the University of Lisbon focused in nannoplankton and nannofossils research). Today she is working in paleoecology and paleobiogeography of nannofossils from the Lower Cretaceous to Recent, in hopes of concluding a PhD in Micropaleontology and Microbiology.

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