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250-million-year-old Mysterious Reptile Identified By It’s Footprint Fossils From The Pyrenees Mountains


(Photo : WikiWikiup/ You Tube) A large set of tracks made by archosauromorphs in the Pyrenees mountain range may include a new type of footprint made by reptiles that lived 247 million years ago.

“Researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona have recently discovered a new type of reptile’s footprint that lived about 250 million years ago. The footprint has been identified in fossils from the Pyrenees Mountains.

Now, mass extinction event is the most well-known event on Earth because it wiped out most animals including dinosaurs. This new species lived at a time when Earth was recovering from biotic crisis or mass extinction. A recent analysis suggested that this reptile belonged to the group of crocodile and dinosaur.

Scientists say that this discovery is very helpful for better understating on how the animals evolved and expanse. But they faced a tight situation during the experiment because some 90 percent of species were disappeared by mass extinction.

The project leader Eudald Mujal and his team found a large set of tracks in the Pyrenees Mountains in Catalonia. These tracks were made by archosauromorphs, the ancestors of crocodile and dinosaurs. They also found a footprint from Pyrenees tracks. Now it can be assured that the genus of Pyrenean Prorotodactylus is closely related to archosauromorphs, reported by Phys.Org.

Though, most footprints were small in size, near about half meter long and a few specimens were longer than three meters. Co-researcher Joseph Fortuny uttered that the total length of this animal is half a meter. They used all four legs to walk and sometimes also left marks with their tails, BBC News reported.” (…) READ MORE

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