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3 New Marsupial Species Fossils Classified As Extinct Discovered in Southern Bolivia


(Photo: zefrank1/Youtube) True Facts About Marsupials

“Scientists found the fossil of three new species of marsupials that were classified as the extinct species for a long time. 13 million years ago from today, a wide range of marsupials used to roam around South America. Newly discovered species are belong to the family of Palaeothentidae. The fossils will uncover much truth about little-known marsupials.

Now, a joint research team from Universidad Autónoma Tomás Frías, in Potosí, Bolivia and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine are seeking for the answer, why did these animals go extinct. In the journal of Systematic Palaeontology, researchers described that fossils of those three marsupials are the only way to learn the answer.

Lead author of the study and a biology MS student at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, Russell Engelman said in a statement,“It was previously assumed this group slowly went extinct over a long time period, but that’s probably not the case. They were doing very well at the time they were supposedly on death’s door”. Those marsupial fossils were about 13 million years old and found at Quebrada Honda that is a high elevation fossil site in southern Bolivia.” (…) READ MORE

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