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Title: A new fossil shows ancient penguins were as tall as people for 30 million years


“The evolution of penguins is a bit of a puzzle for scientists. Did their ancestors fly or were they always confined to land and sea?

Were penguins always flightless? Or did they evolve that way? H. Zell / Wikimedia Commons (@source)

More importantly, were they always the size they are now?

Scientists from New Zealand and Senckenberg finally have some answers, thanks to their recent discovery of a fossil belonging to a giant, 150-centimeter long penguin. The fossil dates pack to the Paleocene era approximately 61 million years ago, making it one of the oldest penguin fossils in the world.

According to a new study which the scientists published in the journal The Science of Nature, these newly discovered bones differ significantly from other discoveries of the same age, which means early penguins were probably much more diverse than scientists previously thought. And their evolution likely began much earlier than previous research has suggested — maybe even as early as the dinosaur age, the scientists conclude. (…)” READ MORE

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