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Ancient tissue found in 195 million-year-old dinosaur rib


“It might be the oldest soft tissue sample ever found. Researchers discovered ancient collagen and protein remains preserved in the ribs of a dinosaur that walked the Earth 195 million years ago.

No, this doesn’t mean “Jurassic Park” is about to become a reality. But finding such well-preserved organic remains from one of the oldest dinosaurs, a Lufengosaurus, is unprecedented.

“This finding extends the record of preserved organic remains more than 100 million years,” the researchers said in their study, published in the journal Nature Communications on Tuesday. The researchers were from Taiwan, China and Canada.

Previously found collagen fragments dated back 75 million or 80 million years ago. The location of the newly discovered collagen was also surprising.

“Usually, people have looked and found collagen in the big, massive limb bones, not in the more delicate ribs,” said Robert Reisz, one of the authors of the study and a paleontologist at University of Toronto Mississauga.

Collagen is one of the main protein components in connective tissues and skin. In this case, the researchers believe that the collagen and protein they found in the tiny vascular canals of the rib represent the remains of blood vessels. When the dinosaur was alive, this is where blood vessels, blood and nerves would have been housed. (…)”


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