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Another set of fossils discovered at Metro subway excavation site


“For the second time in five months, construction at the Metro Purple Line extension has led to the discovery of Ice Age fossils.

Crews found what turned out to be a camel bone and a bone from a mammoth or mastodon last week while working on the subway extension at Wilshire Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, Metro spokesman Dave Sotero said Wednesday.

The mammoth or mastodon fossil was found April 12. It is about 36 inches long and is believed to be a femur of an Ice Age elephant.

Crews stumbled upon the second bone the next day, a 20-inch-long forearm camel bone, from the extinct Camelops hesternus.

“We’re really excited about the discovery,” Sotero said. Paleontologists have “indicated that it’s rare to find camel fossils in this area.”

Both remains are from the Ice Age, or at least 10,000 years old, Sotero said.

Because fossils are protected by law, Metro has an agreement with paleontologist services. Experts monitoring the excavation site were able to spot what they thought was bone material within the sediment, Sotero said.

Construction was diverted away from the fossil area so that bones could be removed. They were preserved in plaster the same day and removed from the site after the plaster dried. The bones were then taken to a lab in Riverside for identification and analyses.” (…) READ MORE

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