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Country kids follow in footsteps of dedicated fossil hunter


“Unearthing giant marsupial bones has given country girl Teagan Cross a chance to move back in time and have an adventure of a lifetime.

After winning the James Moore Memorial Scholarship, the 18-year-old from enrolled in palaeontology at Flinders University and joined the first 2017 ARC field trip and site excavation at the Wellington Caves.

Ms Cross hails from a mixed-farm at Moorlands, near Coomandook in the Mallee region, in rural South Australia.

The scholarship fund was established in 2005 to provide funding for rural high school students to participate in an expedition with Flinders palaeontologists and help curate fossils collected during field work.

“I’ve loved dinosaurs since I was a little kid. But when I won the scholarship, and went underground, I realised my major in vertebrate palaeontology was the right choice,” Ms Cross said.

She follows in the footsteps of the former Flinders student James Moore, who took his first Flinders palaeontology field trips to the Naracoorte Caves in 2007 to sort bones and assist in digs – including Margaret River, WA in 2008 – while still at high school in Whyalla.

James was hooked by the mystery and excitement of fossil hunting and was a long-time student and technical officer in the Flinders Palaeontology Laboratory until his life was cut short in a fatal car crash on the Eyre Peninsula in December 2014.

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