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New paleontology projects involve passionate students

Amy Maynard


“A research team comprised of students from the University of Adelaide and staff from the South Australian Museum are currently undertaking some exciting projects at the Naracoorte Caves.

The team are associated with the major Australian Research Council (ARC)’s Linkage Projects scheme granted to the World Heritage site last year.

Dr Liz Reed, a scientist involved in the project, also highlighted the involvement of organisations such as the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide, and DEWNR (Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources).

The Environment Institute is involved in the practical application of research. Dr Reed stated that through data collected at the Caves, there can be more discoveries about the site’s unique environment, and animal conservation.

Jessie Treloar, a PhD student being mentored by Dr Reed, has been working at the Caves for the past 18 months. The rest of the students have only started their Honours degrees this year, and are working on a variety of projects.

Priya is going to be working on reconstructing past environments through the sediment found in the Alexandra Cave.

Specifically, Priya will be looking through the charcoal bands found in some of the cave’s walls. Through this charcoal, Priya will be collecting pollen, and fungi found in the dung of the ancient marsupial Diprotodon.” (…) READ MORE

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