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Drumheller to name downtown streets after dinosaurs

Anna Junker


View from inside the giant T-Rex in Drumheller. Image Credit: Daniel McKenzie / Postmedia News

“Residents and visitors of Drumheller may soon be driving down streets such as Daspletosaurus Avenue or walking along Pachycephalosaurus Way.

The Town of Drumheller recently launched an online poll to gather public input on which dinosaur names are worthy of the new street signs.

As a part of Drumheller’s Canada 150 celebrations, the project aims to reinforce the town as the “Dinosaur Capital of the World.”

“Nothing would say that clearer than naming our streets after dinosaurs,” said Paul Salvatore, director of community services.

The new names will be reserved mainly for the streets of Drumheller’s downtown core. The vote has been ongoing for a week and so far, Salvatore said they have received some good feedback from residents. There are some who think it’s a wonderful idea and a few who are worried the new signs may cause some confusion.

However, to avoid any confusion, the original street names will still stick around and by doing so, this will also prevent residents from having to change their addresses to 32 Tyrannosaurus Grove, for example.

Not only will the streets have fun, new and somewhat tongue-tying names, medallions displaying the images of the selected dinosaurs will be added to pedestrian wayfinding signs.” (…) READ MORE

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