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Fundy Geological Museum launches new dinosaur dig


“Fundy Geological Museum visitors can enjoy the chance to dig for fossils this summer with the new excursion Tidal Reveal: Dig for Canada’s Oldest Dinosaurs.

Tidal Reveal is one of several new events and exhibits announced by the museum in Parrsboro for the 2017 summer season. The dig includes a boat trip down the Bay of Fundy shoreline, arriving at a Jurassic dinosaur dig where participants will help museum staff in searching for fossilized dinosaur bones.

“The dino dig is a really exciting opportunity for people to experience the beauty of our Bay of Fundy shore and to work with us to find new dinosaur bones,” said fossil lab manager Regan Maloney, in a release Tuesday. “It’s a great research site because it’s where the oldest dinosaurs in Canada have been found.”

New exhibits and specimens are now on display in the museum’s exhibit gallery, including a 3D animation showing the dinosaur skeletons previously collected at the research site. The exhibits also include mineral specimens and fossils.

“There are many new things to see in the museum gallery and lots of new beach tours being offered this year,” said Tim Fedak, director and curator at the museum. “We are very excited for the upcoming season.”” (…) READ MORE

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