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On the News @ The Sydney Morning Herald

Title: Controversy over Nature magazine claims world’s oldest fossils have been found


“Claims published on Thursday in Nature that the world’s oldest fossils have been discovered have been challenged by leading experts in the field.

The rock structure in Canada where the fossils were found. Photo: Nature/University College London (@source)

Scientists at University College London claim to have found the remnants of structures made by micro-organisms that are the oldest fossils on Earth. At between 3.8 and 4.3 billion years old, the finding is bound to stir primordial questions about the origin of life on Earth.

“Our discovery supports the idea that life emerged from hot, sea-floor vents shortly after planet Earth formed,” said doctoral student Matthew Dodd, the lead author of the study published on Thursday in Nature.

However, Professor Malcolm Walter, the founding director of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, has expressed doubts about the findings, saying that in his view: “It’s not believable.”

He said: “Every statement in the paper is hedged. No normally sceptical scientist can accept the evidence as presented.”. (…)” READ MORE

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