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Dinosaur-bird fossil discovery ruffles feathers in outback Queensland


Palaeontologists have found what they believe is a Nanatius eos species in Richmond, north-west Queensland. (ABC Science: Adrian Headland, Belinda Griffiths and CA McLean-Carr)

“In a dry outback quarry, 500 kilometres from Australia’s east coast, a volunteer has unearthed Richmond’s first dinosaur-bird, a species previously unseen in what was Australia’s inland sea.

Patrick Smith, curator of Richmond’s Kronosaurus Korner, said the discovery of the 100-million-year-old bones occurred in a free fossil site, 12 kilometres from town.

“It’s very, very rare to find dinosaurs out here — there’s only been about a handful known, so finding these dinosaur birds is amazing,” Dr Smith said. “We haven’t had any of these sorts of primitive birds found in Richmond.

“There have had some found in Boulia but only about two or three bones, [and] what we’re getting out of the quarries is all sorts of bones from all parts of the body, so we suspect there are possibly complete skeletons here.”” (…) READ MORE

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