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Fossils rock Annette’s world


SES deputy local controller Annette Fifoot with her treasured piece of petrified wood that sparked her passion for geology 70 years ago.
Image Credit: Francis Witsenhuysen

“The moment Annette Fifoot discovered her first fossil 70 years ago sparked a long and passionate love affair with geology.

“I was always picking rocks from when I could toddle,” Mrs Fifoot said.

“But when I found this one in Beaudesert in 1947, I took it to my father straight away and he told me it was petrified wood.

“I have treasured it all my life.”

The next notable fossil discovery was some years later, on a sheep station in Barcaldine. But this time they were bones from an extinct animal.

“One year there had been a drought so the water table had dropped and I found some fossilised bones from an animal called a Diprotodon – a giant square wombat looking animal but as big as a bullock,” she said.

Mrs Fifoot lived with her family in Barcaldine in Queensland’s central west until her father moved them to Brisbane in the end of 1947. She went to school for a year at Eagle Junction state school, then attended Clayfield College for nine years.

This year will mark 60 years since she was a senior at Clayfield College, and since she has reunited each year with some of her old school friends.

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“I loved school because I wanted to study geology, so when I finished I jumped straight into my degree at the University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus,” she said.

“It was there I met my husband Bob for the second time in life – in the uni’s bushwalking club.” (…) READ MORE

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