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Vadodara: Dinosaur eggs found in Mahisagar

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“Balasinor in Mahisagar district is already home one of the world’s largest dinosaur hatcheries in Raiyoli. Now, locals have discovered another possible egg of a dinosaur in Muwada village, about 10 kms away. The egg was found on Saturday evening during a digging exercise at a local site in the village and caused much excitement among the locals. The one dinosaur egg found in Mahisagar District is however broken and not an intact piece.

The villagers handed over the egg to the local Mamlatdar, who will now send it across to the Geological Survey of India department, where a laboratory test will finalize if the egg indeed belongs to the extinct species of the world’s largest living being.

On Sunday, Aaliya Sultana Babi, who is the scion of the Balasinor royal family and has been an advocate in the conservation of the Raiyoli fossil park, visited the site to take stock of the new discovery.

Babi, who has been closely working with the GSI, state tourism department and palaeontologists of the world to promote and preserve the dinosaur park in her backyard, said, “It was just one egg that was discovered by some labourers on Saturday evening while they were digging rocks probably for the foundation of a house. It’s probably a sauropod egg (herbivore).”

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