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Meet Moabosaurus, Utah’s latest dino discovery


BYU geology professor Brooks Britt poses with a mount of moabosaurus, a newly characterized species of dinosaur named for Moab. Image Credit: Brigham Young (@source)

“Moab already revels in superlatives associated with its geology, canyons, parks, trails, even its maddening crowds, but many scientists believe Utah’s outdoor recreation magnet should also be famous for its dinosaur paleontology.

That honor came home this week.

A new dinosaur was officially named for Moab after researchers from Brigham Young University pulled together a complete picture of a new sauropod from thousands of fossilized bones recovered from a nearby quarry at Dalton Wells.

After years of effort, geologist Brooks Britt published a paper Tuesday characterizing the long-necked plant eater whose 32-foot length makes it tiny, as far as sauropods go.

“We are really excited about this new dinosaur,” Britt said. “It’s one we have been working on for decades. We had to collect huge numbers of bones that were complete to get enough to describe the new animals.”

A specimen has been on display at BYU’s Museum of Paleontology for years, but it was only after publishing his findings in the University of Michigan’s “Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology” that Britt could give the animal a name science would recognize.

That name is Moabosaurus utahensis.” (…) READ MORE

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