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Monster worm with Godzilla jaws discovered


“The worm was previously unknown until its fossil was recently discovered in a museum in Canada. In 1994, Derek Armstrong, a researcher with the Ontario Geological Survey, took a helicopter to the outcrop and spent a few hours collecting rocks. Years later another team of geologists from the University of Bristol (UB) would stumble upon the samples and make a startling discovery – the fossil of a giant worm with large snapping jaws.

Scientists say they were easily visible to the naked eye and are the largest jaws ever recorded in this type of creature. But recently, an global team of scientists has discovered new species of an extinct primeval giant worm that lived about 400 million years ago and has terrifying biting jaws, mentioned Fox news. Yet 400m years ago, during the time of the dinosaurs, a truly terrifying worm with enormous jaws existed in some parts of the world. Most worm fossils have jaws that are only a few millimeters in length, but W. armstrongi’s jaws measure up to over a centimeter, Phys.org reports. The findings are documented in the journal Scientific Reports.(…)”


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