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Rare ‘dino-bird’ fossil find


Mike examines the fossils on the computer. (@source)

“A gravel quarry in the North West of Queensland has revealed an ancient fossil find, over 100 million years old.

Museum volunteers from Richmond’s marine fossil museum Kronosaurus Korner found bones from a miniature prehistoric ‘dino-bird’ have been discovered by museum volunteers in the quarry – revealing new insights into creatures that once flew above Australia’s ancient inland seas.

The recently discovered fossils were found by Mike D’Arcy, a regular volunteer at Kronosaurus Korner.

Mike has been collecting bags of rock from Richmond’s gravel quarries for years, breaking it down at home and sieving the material for small fossil shark teeth but lately he unearthed tiny fossils he didn’t recognise,

“Some [of the bones] look like miniature claws designed to slash flesh like those from a velociraptor,” Mike said.

“They got me really excited.”

Mike knew he had found something special, so he decided to have his fossils identified by the museum’s curator and interpretation manager, Dr Patrick Smith.

Dr Smith said he was dumbfounded by the specimens.

“To me, as a professional palaeontologist, I’ve never seen fossils that are this rare,” he said.” (…) READ MORE

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