On the News | Reckless beach fossil-hunters tackled in Rother @ Bexhill-On-Sea Observer

On the News @ Bexhill-On-Sea Observer


Reckless beach fossil-hunters tackled in Rother


“‘Irresponsible’ fossil-hunters on Rother’s beaches are being targeted as the council seeks to make clear its right to any valuable finds.

Rother District Council’s cabinet will discuss the proposed fossil hunting code of conduct at its meeting on Monday (March 8).

“The need for a code of conduct has arisen following incidents of commercial and irresponsible fossil collecting creating damage to the beach environment and constituting a loss of important heritage material,” the officer’s report says.

The code was drawn up by Bexhill Museum with help from police’s heritage protection office, university academics and other local authorities faced with similar challenges.

In the code, it states the district council has a legal title to any fossils found on its land, including the beach from Norman’s Bay to Galley Hill.” (…) READ MORE

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