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Sketching science: Meet the fossil artist who reconstructs ‘lost worlds’


Danielle Dufault of Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (Jean-Bernard Caron/Royal Ontario Museum) (@source)

“Who says art and science don’t mix?

Not Danielle Dufault, a Toronto illustrator who is one of only a handful of people around the world called on to create artistic renderings of the mysterious creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.

“I really take a lot of pleasure in trying to reconstruct these lost worlds,” Dufault told CBC News. “And there’s a lot of imagination that can be applied to that.”

While some of the other little girls were playing Barbie, Dufault was digging up worms in the backyard and sketching skeletons of dinosaurs at the museum. Later, she found an educational path that married her two passions: the Technical and Scientific Illustration degree program at Sheridan College.

Now the 28-year-old Dufault is the in-house paleontological illustrator at the Royal Ontario Museum, where she has worked since completing an internship there in 2011.” (…) READ MORE

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