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Transformed Witte Museum opens this weekend: ‘People will be blown away’


“The end of this week will mark the start of a new generation for The Witte Museum when the modernized campus opens to the public Saturday.
Gone are the days of a dimly lit foyer — the 90-year-old Witte Museum now welcomes guests with The H-E-B Lantern, a “glowing,” 28-foot glass cube which houses a Quetzalcoatlus dinosaur replica.

Photo: Luke Whyte / San Antonio Express-News (@source)

Museum staff noted the previous Triceratops replica was a hit with visitors and they are excited to expand the collection in the Valero Great Hall with a Tyrannosaurus rex, Acrocanthosaurus and Mozasaurus, which will swim in an “ancient sea.”

“This magnificent creature, the new Witte, is robust and substantial enough for people to want to invest in its next 100 years,” Witte CEO and President Marise McDermott said, according to San Antonio Express-News archives. (…)” READ MORE


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