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Jane, the most complete juvenile T. rex skeleton, used her razor-sharp teeth to eat almost anything in her way. Four teeth marks in her skull have no explanation, but did not cause her demise.
Courtesy of Burpee Museum of Natural History (@source)

“”How big were T. rex teeth?” asked a young patron from the Schaumburg Township District Library.


Stomping around the North American west — Canada, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, New Mexico — and across the Pacific Ocean in Mongolia, Tyrannosaurus rex was a gigantic, carnivorous bully the size of a semi-truck, comically fitted with tiny arms.

These creatures lived during the dinosaur era’s final chapter, around 68 million to 65 million years ago. The giant lizard gobbled almost anything in its way.

Its teeth were so strong, one bite could deliver 8,000 pounds of force, according to a recent Washington Post report, making T. rex the king of the chomp, with a more powerful bite than any other dino. The jaws, teeth and the roof of its mouth were designed to dispose of entire animals, bones and all, and its oversized appetite sometimes drove a T. rex to devour its own kind.

Rockford’s Burpee Museum of Natural History is home to Jane, a teenage T. rex. She was uncovered in the Hell Creek formation in Montana, where she once roamed alongside prehistoric creatures that slogged through swamps and across rivers.” (…) READ MORE

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