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Treks for Rex: Public invited to uncover dinosaur bones, other creatures

Amy Dalrymple


“Paleontologists who recently found a tooth from a Tyrannosaurus rex south of Bismarck say the public might have similar luck in upcoming fossil digs.

The North Dakota Geological Survey is hosting four events this summer, inviting the public to help uncover bones from dinosaurs, prehistoric sea monsters and other creatures that once inhabited the state.

“The story of prehistoric life in North Dakota is a fascinating thing,” said John Hoganson, the former state paleontologist. “It goes back millions of years.”

Earlier this month, while preparing for an upcoming public dig south of Bismarck, paleontologists found the fractured core of a T. rex tooth, said Clint Boyd, senior paleontologist.

They then spent three to four hours collecting other bits of enamel from the 66-million-year-old fossil that will later be put together under a microscope. It’s one of about a handful of T. rex teeth paleontologists have discovered in that area in recent years.

“It’s always a thrill to find a T. rex fossil,” Hoganson said. “We know it roamed right around Bismarck because we find these teeth just outside of town.”” (…) READ MORE

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