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Walking with dinosaurs: fossil hunting on the North Yorkshire coast


Angling for an allosaurus … fossil hunting on the beach at Boggle Hole, Ravenscar. Photograph: Tony Bartholomew (@source)

“Will Watts meets me at the Watermark cafe on Scarborough’s North Bay seafront. We get in his car and set off up the coast. We are heading for Saltwick Bay near Whitby, where we will go for a walk.

“Will,” I say after a minute, “I can’t help but notice you have a Tyrannosaurus rex on the back seat.”

“Actually, it’s an allosaurus,” he says.

It’s just a skull, of course: the real live animal would not fit in a small hatchback, and would probably refuse to wear a seatbelt.

“Was that found here?”

“No, it’s an American specimen. But I keep it because we have similar-sized creatures here: megalosaurus – as tall as a double-decker bus, meat eater. I can show you footprints later.”

Will is a fossil expert and my guide in hunting out some specimens on the North Yorkshire coast. Not that I’m expecting large skulls, just some decent ammonites. My ambition is to find a nodule and split it open to reveal a perfect specimen.” (…) READ MORE

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