Palaeontologia Electronica and The Fossil Calibration Database

Founded in 1997, Palaeontologia Electronica, a double-blind peer review journal,  is the longest running open-access, peer-reviewed electronic journal and covers all aspects of palaeontology. The journal is published by Coquina Press, a California non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide “instant, free, and global access to the latest developments in paleontology and related scientific fields to the paleontologic research community and the general public through the production and publication of the electronic journal” (source). The copyright of the scientific papers published in Palaeontologia Electronica is held by one of the three sponsoring professional societies of Coquina, at the author’s choice: the Palaeontological Association , the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (Sponsor), and the Western Interior Paleontological Society (Contributor).

The contents of the magazine can be searched and read in full here. Instructions for authors are here.

Coquina Press has been also supporting the maintenance of a Fossil Calibration Database, developed by the Working Group “Synthesizing and Databasing Fossil Calibrations: Divergence Dating and Beyond”, with the purpose of providing “vetted fossil calibration points that can be used for divergence dating by molecular systematists” (source). The database follows the fossil calibration best practices underlined in Parham et al. (2012).

Visit the database here.

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