Rita Santos


Born in 1993 in Lisbon, Rita starts her undergraduate studies in Geology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon in 2011. She specialized in Geology and Natural Resources and finished her graduation in 2015.
In the following year she was accepted into a master course in Marine Sciences at the same faculty. She is currently a finalist, concluding her master thesis with a research on nannoplankton and sedimentology carried out at the Tejo Estuary (Lisbon, Portugal).
She intends to continue her research on the subject always with a focus on nannofossil sedimentary dynamics.
Rita's main research interests are micropaleontology (nannofossils), sedimentary dynamics, marine mineral resources and microplastics in sediments.



Rita's interest in Paleontology starts to develop in 2012 when she concluded a preparatory course on the subject, mandatory for every Geology student at the University of Lisbon. In parallel, in those years, she developed broad interest in the field of Sedimentary Dynamics. As a Marine Sciences postgraduate, she soon realized that marine fossils and sedimentary dynamics could be easily brought together, in a rich and diversified line of investigation. She has been researching nannofossils sedimentary dynamics ever since.
In Paleontology, Rita's main attention goes to microfossils (nannofossils in particular) but she considers a future research interest in other fossil groups, a definite possibility.

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