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In September of 2006, the 3rd Russian Council was held in Saratov under the theme “Russian and Nearest Abroad Cretaceous System: Stratigraphy and Palaeography Problems”. The attendees decided that a “Russian Cretaceous System” website should be created, with the purpose of providing news, data, the state of knowledge and research prospects in the field of Russian Cretaceous stratigraphy and paleogeography to specialists, as well as to ensure prompt communication and discussion among them. The site was eventually created at with the ultimate goal of developing a network of web pages dedicated to pursuing the same objective in respect to other geological periods (see, for example).

From Sosnogorova M., “Guide to Crimea for travelers” (1874) (available at

I personally consider the website very useful and have found myself using the Library section recurrently.

There you will find thousands of full-texts that not only offer a comprehensive coverage of Russian scientific production about the Cretaceous period, but also a worldwide compilation of documents on the matter.

Baculites by Andrew Atuchin (available at

You will also find historical (fascinating) documents downloadable in full, amongst which an ample collection of atlases and rarities as old as the late 19th century.

The site includes lists of individual researchers, current projects, research groups, research committees, up to date maps and much, much more. News and lists of the rare documents that are constantly being added might be received by e-mail (see how here).

Finally, do not miss the Gallery that includes collections of illustrations, photographs and other pictorial representations of cretaceous animals and fossils.

We strongly suggest a visit: www.

Feature Image Credits: Olorotitan by A. Atuchin available at

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