Six Application Deadlines over the Next Two Days

Be sure not to overlook the following  application deadlines:


April 30th 2017 | Abstract Deadline for the 6th Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs and Babies
Lisbon, Portugal
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 April 30th 2017 | Abstract Deadline for the XXV Brazilian Paleontology Congress
São Paulo, Brazil
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April 30th 2017 | Arthropod Evolution Research Project Manager
Lausanne, Switzerland
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April 30th 2017 | Instructor @ Stony Brook Medicine | Vertebrate Paleontology
New York, USA
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May 1st 2017 | University of Tübingen | Postdoc position in Micropaleontology
Tübingen, Germany
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May 1st 2017 | Gill Lab @ The University of Maine | Postdoctoral Research Associate
Maine, USA
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Lurdes Fonseca

Assistant Professor and Researcher at University of Lisbon
Sociologist (PhD), Paleontologist (Researcher in Micropaleontology), Majors in Sociology and Biology, Minor in Geology. Main interests in Paleontology: Microfossils, Molecular fossils, Paleobiology and Paleoecology. (read more about me)
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