Just out | The phacopine trilobite genera Morocops Basse, 2006 and Adrisiops gen. nov. from the Devonian of Morocco @ Bulletin of Geosciences

Just out @ Bulletin of Geosciences


Well-preserved specimens of the phacopine trilobites Morocops Basse (= Barrandeops McKellar & Chatterton) and Adrisiops gen. nov. are recorded from upper Emsian strata in Morocco. Morocops is a problematic taxon; the close similarities of its stratigraphically youngest members to the earliest members of Geesops Struve are indicative of grade taxonomy. So far, Morocops is exclusively Gondwanan although potential congeners have been described from peri-Gondwana. One of the stratigraphically oldest species of Geesops occurs in the lower Eifelian of the French Ardennes (Laurussia). Its co-occurrence with pioneer “Bohemian” trilobites there suggests that faunal exchange between Laurussia and peri-Gondwanan terranes was unhindered at that time. New material of Morocops torkozensis (Schraut) is recorded; however, the type locality and horizon of this species remain uncertain. Adrisiops gen. nov. Is erected to accommodate strongly vaulted, Gondwanan taxa that share a unique cephalic morphology inclusive of a short, but rather inflated glabella and ventrally deflected anterior border. New taxa are Morocops spinifer sp. nov. And Adrisiops weugi gen. et sp. nov.

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